Linda Porter Bishop

The New 5 Senses

Around the world, across all cultures, ages, genders and geographies, all people intuitively seek environments that allow them to recover from stressful situations. Restorative environments allow the recovery process to be complete: the body is calm, the mind is quiet and the spirit is balanced. In the stressful world of healthcare, restorative environments allow balanced healing.

Because healing is not just a biological process, we need to reconsider the traditional five senses as they are really biology based. Instead, we need to think about senses that balance the mind, body and spirit together in restorative environments. I think the new five senses should be a sense of Place, Compassion, Community, Security and Life.

My research has shown me that each of these New Five Senses is uniquely tied to each other and supports a network of our personal beliefs and understanding of our selves. My work is to design healthcare facilities that include the New Five Senses in three -dimensional forms so healing can begin.

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