The Methodist Hospital Outpatient Clinic, Houston, TX, U.S.A. This is one of my favorite projects. My original assignment was as the leader of the Interior Design team, but I was asked to revise the medical and space planning. My goals were to bring natural light as far as possible into the interior space, maximize views to nature, create intentional places for art, and incorporate consistent architectural details to support intuitive wayfinding. I was able to pull exam rooms away from the exterior walls for circulation and views. In the Oncology Infusion area, this allowed a private corridor for patients and families to visit together while a second corridor allowed staff to observe their patients through sliding glass doors. I was able to widen the end of a very long corridor to provide family lounge areas for patients in nearby exam rooms. And in some clinics I was able to widen the exterior corridors to include small sub-wait areas. I wanted a ceremonial entrance to each clinic and I included an art wall that sliced through the waiting area housing this entrance. The art wall provided space with specialty lighting for hanging pieces but also a shelf for three dimensional works. The building’s structural column grid was irregular, but it allowed me to add display boxes for art collections and bring back a little symmetry. A great project for a great client.

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